Please check our COVID-19 resource center for the latest info

With the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, the Lookback team has been thinking about if and how we can help. We realize we can’t do much, but we know everyone can do something and we are grateful to the healthcare and government personnel around the world who have been working tirelessly to respond as best they can to a very difficult situation. 

The big need we see in the UXR community right now is to quickly pivot from in person research to remote research. It can take time to get all the admin lined up and to onboard the wider organization on new tools, or wider remote use of existing tools. 

In light of the current global situation, and after careful consideration, we are therefore making the following changes to ease the transition for our customers. 

Trial extensions

We want to make the transition to remote research as easy and flexible as possible. For teams that start a free trial of Lookback, and haven’t had time to complete their testing or just need more time to evaluate the tool, we’ll be happy to extend trials. Just reach out to us and we’ll set you up. No questions asked! 

Unlimited observers

We want to help teams continue to collaborate cross-functionally and avoid in-person presentations of research to their stakeholders. We’ve therefore made observers unlimited for all plans, indefinitely. Whomever needs to see the session, whether streamed live or after the fact, is now able to do so without restriction. No limits on any plan. 

Our team cares deeply about the people and communities who have been affected by coronavirus.  As things evolve, we’ll be looking into further ways to help out in this challenging time. Stay healthy and happy. We’ll get through this together. 

On behalf of the Lookback team,

Henrik Mattsson
CEO Lookback