Here’s a list of what we support and FAQs, as of July 2020

High-level capabilities

  • Qualitative research ✔
  • Mixed-method research
  • Usability testing ✔
  • 1:1 / in-depth interviews ✔
  • Desktop testing ✔
  • Mobile testing ✔
    • native app, mobile website
  • Prototype testing ✔
  • Ability to test own user base ✔
  • Preference testing (A/B) ✔
  • Generative research ✔
  • Evaluative research ✔
  • Iterative research (built to compliment agile product development)
  • Accessibility

Testing methods

Testing approaches


  • Private projects ✔
  • Record interactions (taps and clicks) ✔
  • Broadcast sessions for observers: stream and post-session ✔
  • Screen reader support ✔
  • Transcriptions ✔ (beta)
  • Timestamped notes
  • Highlights ✔ (Reels coming soon)
  • Invite Observers
  • @mention your team ✔
  • Virtual waiting room for participants ✔
  • Virtual observation for observers ✔


How are you different from traditional video conferencing tools? Simply put, we are built for research!

Do you have a recruit/pool feature? No, but we partner with User Interviews, TestingTime,, Respondent, HubUX. No matter which recruiting methods you use, just drop in the URL from your Lookback Round into your participant invite email. More info here.

Can we test our own user base? Yes, just send the Participate link created in each unique Round.

Can we record interactions (taps and clicks)? Yes, you can record taps using Lookback’s Participate app on mobile, and record mouse clicks via the Participate Chrome extension.

Can I send scheduled links to participants? No, Lookback doesn’t provide scheduling but it is an easy URL drop-in to other scheduling tools, like Google Calendar or Calendly.

Can we use our own branding? No white-labeling of Lookback Participate is available currently, but our Participate app is minimalistic, takes less than one minute to onboard and meets accessibility standards for web and native apps.

Can we hold group sessions? Your observers can join in live or recorded sessions live or the recorded session and collaborate. Group chats via are available for free.

Can you manage incentives? No, we do not manage incentives.

Can we use tagging? You can create highlights and group them into the same project as a way of organizing the same theme. You can @tag your colleagues in live sessions or on video playback. Grouping by hashtag is on the roadmap for this year.

Do you do any participant screening? No, but you are free to use any screeners of your choice.

Do you offer screener templates? No, this is not something we offer out of the box. But our experienced Research team is always available to help you create the best processes and templates to accomplish your research needs.

Do you support live-intercept testing? This is not currently a feature of Lookback.

Do you offer dictation support? This is not something we intentionally support at the moment.


Demo videos of each research type. Our latest LiveShare demo is here.

GoTeam: chat with Participants before a session, or convene your team post session for debriefs – get a room, and you’re set!

Templated Invite Emails: whether iOS, Android, or desktop — just enter your details, and we’ve helped with the rest.

Participant Guides: additional tips on how to prepare for a session, ensure the best connection, and troubleshooting.

Pro Tips: best practices for the Participant, Moderator, and Observer.

Observer Guide: how to prepare and participate during live research.

Help Center that houses all of our self-serve content.

Questions about what we support? Write us at

Happy Researching! 🤓🎉