If you’re conducting a study and want stakeholders to join your research sessions, you don’t want them to have to create an account, remember some password, etc — you just want them to jump straight in, right?

That’s why we’ve built Instant Sign Up. It’s a feature that doesn’t compromise on security, yet allows observers to join your sessions really quickly. Here’s how it works:

  1. Copy and share a link to a live session or a recording
  2. Your stakeholders click the link and are asked to enter their email
  3. If it matches your email domain (@yourcompany.com), they’re automatically let in as an observer :white_check_mark:

Now, this does in fact create an observer account for them in your organization. The benefit of that is:

  • Enhanced security
  • Their ability to chat with you during a session
  • Your ability to see who’s watched which session
  • Your ability to invite only certain people to certain projects

So there are many benefits of using this approach compared to a public share link, which is what we used to offer in the past.

Here’s what it currently looks like for stakeholders who click your link:

Learn more how to enable Instant Sign Up. Hope this helps!