We are excited to announce a major change to our iOS offering!

Last week we introduced a completely new iOS Participate app (version 4.0+) and it was built from scratch. This release takes full advantage of recent improvements to iOS and mitigates past iOS limitations.

The result is a significantly improved experience for both researchers and users testing on iOS devices.

Benefits of the new iOS app 

Systemwide testing: Record, live stream and playback everything on iOS. 

See interactions between apps, mobile websites, deep links and flows across the entire iOS experience. 

  • Test native iOS apps without requiring development work. No SDK or workaround necessary.
  • Test any prototype format. No additional work needed to ensure recording compatibility.
  • Generate and share one file with your colleagues, instead of piecing together different recordings.

Improved reliability: fixes issues with iOS “Compatibility mode” aka “Fallback”

A sleeker experience for all: we’ve completely rebuilt the UI

  • Instant in-person testing. Moderators can log into the Participate app and start a session on the fly.
  • Lightweight testing. The new Participate 4.0+ is 2.5 MB less than previous Participate app.

The proof is in the pudding

  • Users have reported 93% improvement in Live sessions
  • Of issues reported, 100% have been Wi-Fi or Network connection issues
  • Early adopters are reporting that “the update is a game changer” 

Things to keep in mind

  • Face recording and screen touches are only captured inside the Participate browser. When your participant switches to another app or the iPhone dashboard, screen and voice recording continues. Websites or URL-based prototypes will still capture participants facial expressions as long as the URL is included in the project setup.
  • Apps that require the front-facing camera, mic, or screen recording can interfere with participant face recording.
  • Participate 4.0+ works on iOS 12+; older iOSs are not supported, and participants on older system will be automatically directed to upgrade to iOS 12 to use it.

If you’ve had a chance to use the new Participate app, let us know what you think on Twitter or LinkedIn!