Thinking of replacing WebEx, Google Meet, Hangouts or BlueJeans with Lookback?

This is a common question. There are 6 reasons why.

1. See the screen and the gestures

Once a session is started with a user, Lookback let’s you see their screen and visualizes where they tap in real-time:

A user browsing during a Lookback Live session

2. Let your team observe, without disturbing the user

If you’re running a session in Zoom and a team member suddenly joins — in particular if a lot of people join — then the user may go “iiih, why are all of these people watching me? Can you stop joining?”

That’s exactly what you don’t want. Users need to know the session is recorded, but they shouldn’t feel it throughout the test. Because that’ll mess with their natural behavior. And that’s what you’re looking for after all.

3. Let your team take timestamped notes in real-time

Spark a conversation with your team right there and then, and have it automatically saved (“timestamped”) to the right moment in the video. Also, the user doesn’t see their chat messages — that’s internal only.

4. Create highlights from the recording

All Lookback Live sessions are recorded automatically, so they’re easy to rewatch and create clips of the most interesting moments. Clips which can be shared with colleagues and stakeholders. You can also export clips and entire sessions.

5. Make sure participants can easily onboard

We show your relevant welcome message to users before they start, and we gently help them get started even if they’re not tech savvy. As part of the welcome message, you can include information about what’s going to happen, show NDAs and consent forms that need to be accepted, etc:

We’ll help you check that the user’s internet connection is good enough for a live session, that their microphone works, etc:

6. Build your insights archive on Lookback

Whether you use Lookback for moderated, unmoderated or in-person research, all of your recordings will be in the same place. If you use different tools for different types of research, it tends to get real messy real quick.

Happy Researching! 🤓☝️